Colleen Carmean
If you asked me what I came here to do, I would tell you I came to live out loud.
Emile Zola

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Colleen Carmean serves as Assistant Chancellor at the University of Washington Tacoma, responsible for Academic Technologies and Institutional Research. Her work lies in research and design of integrated knowledge systems, including next generation environments for e-learning and emerging media across the academy. She teaches critical thinking and applied computing, and is currently doing research on the affordances of technologies in the user experience (UX)and learner support.

Colleen's previous work has included a long career at Arizona State University, serving as Digital Knowledge Architect at the Downtown Campus, as Director of e-Learning and Innovation Technologies at the School of Global Management & Leadership, as Director of Research in the University Technology Office and as Director of Information Technology for the West Campus. Dr. Carmean is a 2002 EDUCAUSE Fellow, a 2004 Frye Fellow, a 2006-2008 Arizona Wakonse Fellow and a 2013 UWT Writing Fellow.

Personal about:

I think, therefore I am. More often, I think about thinking. Metacognition; new definitions of a thinking person in these electronic, just-in-time knowledge environments; how we learn deeply; how best to teach new learners. I think, therefore I think I am.

I love university life, and the work I've done for so many years, but I feel many educational institutions are failing their learners. We're educating based on a past that has less relevance in the connected, non-linear, e-knowledge world of today.

My master's in cognitive studies and PhD in architecture for online learning leaves me wondering what higher education would look like in ten years IF we could do the right thing. What IF we could change and be responsible not simply to our own past, but to our learners and to the society they'll enter when they leave us?

You'll find more about me interwoven in my other pages, but the bottom line: I wrestle with the meaning of 'a good life' and 'a good person.' I've been given so much grace and so many challenges. Life is a beautiful, sweet, tragic, painful, wondrous and wild experience. I've tried to capture some of my thoughts about it on these pages, and would love to hear yours.