Colleen Carmean
If you asked me what I came here to do, I would tell you I came to live out loud.
Emile Zola

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I wear a number of interesting, fulfulling, energizing and perplexing hats, switching amongst them many times each day. Here are the ones we call work and that put bread on my table:

  • I'm the Assistant Chancellor at the University of Washington Tacoma, responsible for Academic Technologies and Institutional Research. These two very hard-working, innovative groups strive every day to explore posssibilty in creating a new university in an urban setting. My focus is on technology that can solve the current problems and needs of a small, urban, community-embedded campus. Projects include shared knowledge systems and designing a more rewarding and inclusive e-learning experience now possible due to emerging technologies.
  • I research knowledge container design, training and performance, social media, and organizational knowledge.
  • I help faculty reimagine the classroom, creating a digital space for the new learner, new workplace, and a new digital age.
  • I imagine effective data cultures for the 21st century campus.