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If you asked me what I came here to do, I would tell you I came to live out loud.
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"There's a train a-comin'," a maniacal ex-boss used to say, mostly to get us to work harder, faster and with less thoughtfulness. He was very crazy, but I think he was right about rapid change and I'm guessing that this train will pick up riders or run them down. Despite some strong efforts to stand very still, no one will stop the change happening in higher education (the land where I live) and in the world at large.

Like so many of the old guard in my beloved profession, I can ignore the sound of the engine and the bleeting CHOO-CHOO in my ear, hoping that I will have retired before the slow, dying transport of lecture and memorization is finally dead on the tracks OR I too can change. I can learn. I can acknowledge that the information economy, new learner, and needs of the digital workforce demand social knowledge/collaborative work/ active, engaged learning and new ways of teaching. I can get on board and be energized by the risk and adventure of the ride-- or I can remain at the station.

To change, YIKES - I needed to stretch some unused mental muscles and enter a whole new kind of understanding within the topics of cognition, learning, knowledge architecture, and social and connectivist frameworks. My PhD program offered one of the few research opportunities in this country to look at transformative e-learning models and I'm hoping to build instances of these models while at UWT.

Check out my dissertation research site if you're interested in systems design for personalized learnscapes. I'm especially intrigued by social network analysis as an emergent knowledge locator, and thoughts on defining new practices is informatlion and knowledge architecture. Let me know if you want to ride the train with me.