Process Check


Allows for a quick critique of team meetings, training and learning. The emphasis is on what can be done to improve (i.e. change) the process and not what is wrong with the process.


  1. At the conclusion of a meeting, each member fills out the agreed upon process check form.

  2. Collect all the process check forms.

  3. Discuss the suggested process improvements.

  4. Decide as a team what will be done differently as suggested improvements are incorporated into the team process.

Suggested Plus/Delta Format

  1. Each team member fills out two Post-It notes - one for something which went well and one for an area which needs improvement (with recommendation if possible).

  2. Divide a flip chart or board into two columns, one labeled with a + and one with a triangle.

  3. Place your Post-Its on the sheet in either the + (went well) column or the triangle column (suggestion for improvements.

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