Prioritization Matrix


To prioritize tasks, issues, alternatives, etc. to aid in selecting what tasks, issues, alternatives to pursue.


  1. Generate a set of criteria to be used in establishing the quality of the decision.
  2. Construct an L matrix with options, etc. down the left and selection criteria across the top.
  3. Each person prioritizes the criteria by distributing the value 1.0 among the criteria (i.e. sum of the weight is 1.0).
  4. Add the weights from each person for each criterion. The sum becomes the team's weight for the criterion. Enter these weights in the L matrix in brackets -- each column will have the same number in each cell.
  5. Going one criterion at a time, have each person rank order all of the options, etc. with respect to the criterion using the Nominal Group Technique. Sum the vote totals from each person for each option and then rank order the options. Enter the rank order for each option under that criterion into the L matrix.
  6. Multiply the group's rank order and weight for each option and sum these products for each row.
  7. The rows with the highest sums are the items of highest priority. Discuss any row which has a low total but seems like its important.

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