Using Tools in Teaming

Select a topic area for a list of tools appropriate for the task. While tools should never be used to "give you the right answer," they can be very useful in organizing ideas, reaching consensus, and ensuring that all areas of a problem or issue are explored.

Setting Priorities Idea Generation
Process Understanding Evaluating Potential Solutions
Exploring Root Causes of Problems Meeting Effectiveness
Data Organization

Setting Priorities

Multi-voting / N3 Prioritization Matrix
Nominal Group Technique (NGT) Pareto Chart
Impact Changeability Analysis

Idea Generation

Brainstorm (round robin, popcorn) Think, Pair, Share
Fishbone Force Field Analysis

Data Presentation and Analysis

Histogram Pareto Chart
Scatter Diagram Run Chart
Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Evaluating Potential Solutions

Criteria Matrix Impact/Changeability Matrix
Prioritization Matrix Formulate, Share, Listen, Create

Exploring Root Causes of a Problem

Fishbone Diagram Brainstorming
Interrelationship Diagram Force Field Analysis

Meeting Effectiveness

Code of Cooperation Issue Bin
Agenda Process Checks & Meeting Evaluation Instruments
Models of Communication, Decision Making, Process Improvement, Conflict Resolution

Process Understanding

Deployment Flow Chart Process Flow Diagram
Process Map

Data Organization

Affinity Diagram Fishbone Diagram
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