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Mapping the Learning Space: Overview of the Territory

Research on Learning is now entering a complex weave of understanding digital and social knowledge; examining eLearning and technology-infused practice; and advocating for thoughtful reasons to change. Whether we choose change or it is forced upon us,rapid change will continue to occur across the institution: in learner choice, in faculty teaching methods, in course curriculum design, in the environment and design of the classroom (whether surrounded by four walls, enhanced by technology, or on the internet), in the library, in academic programs, in student advising and in student-centered support services .

Across higher education, a jigsaw puzzle picture of the new learning space is beginning to emerge - evaluation is underway, driven by new technologies, learning theorists, cognitive scientists, the economy, a changing student population and dedicated faculty rethinking and re-engineering everything they've ever believed to be true about teaching and learning. If we imagine a college or university that was truly learner-centered - concerned with the education, critical thinking and sure learning outcomes of the student experience - what would the modern concerns and practices of that institution embody? If we were all working collaboratively to share what we know about our piece of the puzzle, where would it take us? What changes are right, responsible and responsive, and would firmly put all the pieces in place?

The portals on this site attempt to provide entry into this rapidly changing jigsaw puzzle. Start wherever you're comfortable or wander into areas that you've not had time to explore before. If you know of an excellent site that captures the spirit and resources within the fields listed, send it along. We're searching for sites that create the kind of energy that becomes a force for change. Our goal is to link to the resources on the net that provide some of the best examples and understandings in new territory.

If we've missed important concepts, please let us know. Until then, happy trails through the learning space.

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