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Mapping the Learning Space:
Learner-Centered Principles for Higher Education

A Research Project on eLearning
conducted by Colleen Carmean

Educators, designers, technology providers, administrators, and theorists come to a new teaching and learning territory with the same goals, but consensus is often hidden beneath different language, focus, experiences, understandings and practices. The visual maps of the current learning territory created at this site are meant to provide an entry into new ideas, practices and understandings of the relationships between technology affordances, diverse ideas and changing demands within the higher education experience now before us. The project began as a year-long research fellowship with the NLII at EDUCAUSE and continues to be a part of the ongoing key theme of exploring learner-centered principles in technology-infused teaching conducted by the ELI at EDUCAUSE*.

The NLII/ELI mission is to explore and synthesize technology possibilities and practices of higher education in order to provide its members with solutions that redesign our collectively-built understanding into one that uses technology to provide effective practice. This consortium misson is founded on providing an educational experience that is active and learner-centered, dynamic and lifelong, collaborative, cost-effective, high-quality, and accessible.

This research site is not meant to be an all-encompassing encyclopedia of terms, but a growing, changing exploration and reflection on the transformative change happening in higher education and in a transforming world of lifelong, dynamic, anytime learning. Each concept in the series of visual maps within this site are live links to resources, ideas, definitions and examples of that topic. Write us if you'd like a key concept included.

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*The NLII is now called the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI)

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